As often in the development of church restoration and development projects, years pass as specifications are agreed, permissions obtained and funding secured.  Throughout the development of this project Martin Johnson and Co have patiently supported us in a very professional way and the final result is outstanding.  We warmly commend them as specialists in their field and as a business.

Paul Maybury, Vicar of Ossett and Gawthopre
Wakefield Diocese

In 2010, English Heritage encouraged the PCC to ensure that the windows were cleaned and conserved as part of the overall restoration project.  The PCC was eager to see this done, and entrusted the work to Martin Johnson & Co.

The results have exceeded all our expectations.  We can now see the windows as Bodley and Kempe intended, and they have once again become an enhancement to the church.  The depth of colour, the exquisite detailing, and the quality of overall design are now evident, and we are grateful to Martin Johnson and his team for recovering for us what had seemed like lost treasures.  Their care and craftsmanship paid full respect to the quality of the windows themselves and to Kempe’s original work.

Mr J Mcleod, Vice Chairman
Horbury Junction PCC

We needed a contractor who could manage to cope with the high levels of visitors we have to the church, and to conduct themselves appropriately.  Martin Johnson & Co completed the work on time, on budget, and was completed to the highest standard.
Every member of their team conducted themselves in an exemplary manner both on and off-site (they stayed in village accommodation during the work) and they always took time to answer visitor questions with courtesy, an important factor for our church and community.

Moreover, when we re-dedicated our windows, members of the team travelled from York to Kent to attend the service.
A nicer group of people you could not wish to meet.  I would happily recommend them to anyone.  I would also be happy to give anyone a tour of the work completed at St Mary Cobham.

Don Maclaren
Church of St Mary Magdalene