Working in conjunction with both Yorkshire based artist Graeme Willson, and Steve Collins of Studio 63, we produce new pieces for both secular and ecclesiastical settings.  These longstanding relationships have produced a comprehensive portfolio of high quality design, artistry and craftsmanship.

Collaboration between artists and craftsmen calls for mutual respect and understanding.  Artists come up with the ideas, often in response to a clients brief, and craftsmen enable the artist to realise and implement these ideas.  Fortunately for me, the process of realisation and creation in Martin’s workshop has been a rich and satisfying experience, based on the knowledge that I am in the company of a group of highly skilled and dedicated people.  Commissions are finished on time and every aspect of the creative process is carefully considered and catered for, in accordance with the preparatory designs.  Stained glass is an extremely taxing and challenging medium, requiring a great variety of skills and experience.  This is precisely the reason that I have chosen to work with Martin and his colleagues.

Graeme Willson, Fine Artist
Martin Johnson & Co Ltd

Working with Martin Johnson & Co gives me the opportunity to realise the potential of the medium of stained glass.
As a collaborative process we can make projects work to a very high standard of design and craftsmanship

Steve Collins, Artist / Designer
Martin Johnson & Co Ltd